Swarovski® Crystal Dream catcher/ Suncatcher

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Enchanting handmade dreamcatcher with genuine Swarovski® Crystals.  Available in a choice of 20 beautiful colours.

Can either be hung in a window and will produce beautiful rainbows and prism effects on walls when the sun shines through.

In Native American legends, the traditional use of the Dream Catcher is to be placed above the sleepers head at night to allow the good dreams to slip down the web, through the feathers and into the sleeper.  Legend says the bad dreams are captured in the web and are dissolved by the light of the morning sun, thus bringing peace, love, joy and harmony into the life of the sleeper.

The pictured dreamcatcher is a representation of how your item will look but because it is handmade it will vary slightly from the images.

Please note that this item is intended for decorative purposes only. For the safety of children and to keep the dreamcatcher looking it’s best please keep out of reach of young children.


Size approximately 15cm x 30cm.