About Us

I have always been a dreamer.  As a young child I can remember my mother returning from many a parents evening telling me- yet again: "Your teacher says you spend too much time daydreaming in class." 

Growing up, I was a happy child with a loving and supportive family.  I can remember the past vividly- in fact my older sister always remarks on how good my memory is.  One thing in particular which is etched in my mind is sitting at the dining table with my parents; practising my speech exercises. 

"Around the Rugged Rock the Ragged Rascal Ran."

Over and over and over.   Until the age of around 5 I couldn't pronounce the letter 'R'.  I would recite:  "Awound the Wugged Wock the Wugged Wascal Wan."

It pretty much sums me up that name: 'The Ragged Rascal'.  With three teenagers, four cats and two rabbits in my life in am constantly run ragged.  And I'll be honest; I am a tiny bit of a rascal... 

Life is busy.  I have a job working in a primary school in my home village in Essex which I love, I keep the family going when I get home and focus on my creative side in the evenings and weekends (often at the expense of my ever increasing ironing pile).

Ragged Rascal began when I came up with an idea to capture an image inside a lantern.  I made a sample lantern up and posted it on a handmade selling page on Facebook.  I never would have dreamt my lanterns would have been such a bit hit but they were.  I was overwhelmed with the response I got- withing just a few hours my inbox had over 100 messages.  And so it began!  With my mum's help I managed fulfil every order placed with me in the build up to Christmas.  I found it fascinating trying to piece together the stories being told to me through these images behind the glass.  Some were beautiful pictures of babies, familes and friends.  Others were in memory of loved ones.  It's a great feeling knowing you are bringing a little warth into the life of someone who is grieving.

Sadly,  I lost my mum very suddenly in February 2018.  For a while it became too much. I had lost not only my mother but my best friend.  But through the sadness I have continued.  I not only do this for my my children and for our future but also for my mum. 

I hope you enjoy looking in my store. 


Carly Rayner @ The Ragged Rascal.

(Self confessed dreamer and lover anything rose gold.)